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On February 25, 2016

2016 Focus on Influencer Marketing

Todd Crawford, Co-Founder of Impact Radius, a leader in digital marketing tracking, recently interviewed nine industry veterans at Affiliate Summit West 2016 in Las Vegas, NV. In this episode of Industry Insiders Spotlight, Todd asks industry veterans what they learned in 2015 and what to focus on in 2016.  Todd asks a few key questions like: what was your biggest marketing lesson in 2015, what are you going to focus on 2016, and what is the trend to watch in 2016?   

A 2016 focus on influencer marketing was clearly a priority for many of these industry veterans including our own Chief Influencer and Partner of Pollen-8, Matt Frary. Watch for great momentum in 2016 from Pollen-8 as we start to roll out big changes for our advertisers and influencers! We are looking forward to the continued rise of influencer marketing.


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