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our goal

Pollen-8 is a SaaS platform built to simplify influencer marketing and management. Our goal is to automate and ease the acquisition and workflow processes associated with finding quality influencers to promote your brand. Our toolset is built with the end user in mind to ensure a successful campaign that drives real sales and revenue for your company.

our mission

We are uniquely positioned in the digital marketing space with leadership equally knowledgeable in technology and online customer acquisition. With over three decades of software and digital marketing experience we strive to provide a toolset that simplifies influencer acquisition for our clients at the same time as providing a network capable of servicing the best brands to attract top quality influencers to our network. We are digital marketing experts with decades of software experience which gives you the best of both worlds.

our way

The only way we know to be successful is to work hard and provide the best possible service for our clients. Our platform is built to allow a brand to be completely self-sufficient or to allow the Pollen-8 team to manage your campaign for you. Either way we want to ensure your success. We don’t build heavy software development overhead into our pricing – we assume if you are successful you will continue to utilize our network and with that continued patronage we will continue to improve our platform. Making a difference for our clients is how we do it here.



What is the PolleNation™?

The PolleNation™ is an online community of Influencers seeking out products and services they want to promote and share with their followers. Brands come to Pollen-8 to simplify the process of finding influential bloggers, content sites, and social media elite to review their products and services. Joining the PolleNation™ allows you to connect with one another in a simple, targeted way. Once connected, Brands and Influencers decide together on their arrangement and Pollen-8 helps each track their campaigns and impact.

Who are the people behind Pollen-8?

We are a team of experts, each with close to three decades of experience in integrated media planning, direct marketing, brand-building, sales and the ever-growing social media universe. We believe in collaboration: between each other; between organizations of all kinds; and between Brands and Influencers. We thrive on information and backend data analysis, that provides our members with important information about their reach and impact in the online social sphere.

Why should Brands use Pollen-8?

Eliminate the need to research individual bloggers and social influencers.
Pollen-8 delivers a comprehensive list of influencers who will learn about your product and spread the word. Pitch your new product, improved product, your mobile app, or even your kitchen table creation, without digging a big hole in your marketing budget. Influencers can review your product on multiple platforms increasing the results of your campaign.

Why should Influencers join Pollen-8?

As an online Influencer, your voice can shape the marketplace. Because your opinion matters, your inbox may be overflowing with campaigns. Pollen-8 streamlines this process for you, allowing you to choose from a daily listing of products that are available to review. Bloggers and social networkers welcome!

Membership is free!


The Solution

How It Works

Categorized product campaigns are sent M-F at the same time each day to the inboxes of all our Pollen-8 Influencers. Influencers have the opportunity to select those products and services that they would like to represent.

Both Brands and Influencers can manage all aspects of their campaigns through a personalized dashboard. The dashboard keeps track of deadlines, allows for reminders and shows campaign and review history.

We believe strongly in tracking the success of any media buy whether you are spending on a nationally known site or a niche blogger site. Pollen-8 offers the ability to track impressions, clicks and conversions of any campaign if you so choose making us a visionary leader in influencer networking and allowing you to see how your spend performs.



Beth Lazar


Ever since I graduated The American University with an MS in Information Systems, my passion has been technology and how it can improve a business. In my twenty some years in technology sales and software development, I have always found a way utilize technology in way to simplify, streamline or increase revenue in every workplace I've been part of including the charity I help manage. Matt and I saw the huge opportunity within the Pollen-8 platform to do just that - simplify and streamline the influencer process all while increasing revenue for an advertiser and at the same time we can assist the influencers with building interesting content to drive traffic to their own site or social media platform. Outside of running my businesses, I love to celebrate my son's accomplishments in school, Tae Kwon Do and baseball, helping to manage the Colorado Animal Welfare League, playing with my two rescue labs, and just enjoying life with my husband.

Matt Frary

Chief Influencer/Partner

An MBA graduate of The Thunderbird School of Global Management, Matt is the CEO and Founder of a portfolio of several other internet advertising and online marketing businesses including,, and He believes that Pollen-8 fills a void in the influencer and brand marketing space where there was not previously a product or service. Advertisers can now submit a pitch to the Pollen-8 platform and access hundreds of bloggers that will post a review for that brand and Advertisers can immediately gauge interest and see who the largest influencers in social media are. In my 15 years of Performance Marketing I have not seen a product that bridges the gap so nicely between bloggers and brands, so this is an obvious and natural fit to my portfolio of companies in the online marketing space.