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On January 18, 2018

Candy Club Looking for Sweet Influencer Stories

Candy Club Influencer Program

The Campaign

Candy Club is looking to build long term relationships with influencers to become their brand ambassadors for the long haul. If you love candy, can craft a great story for the Candy Club brand across all of your platforms, and have experience working with brands to increase their sales, we would love to see your proposal!

About the Brand

Candy Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers the freshest, most delicious candies straight to your door! With its incredible selection of delightfully unique confections, Candy Club guarantees something new and delectable to discover in every box, and creates sweet moments to share every month!

Campaign Brief

We want our Candy Club influencers to channel their inner Mad Men and craft an enticing, beautiful, energetic story about the brand. We are looking for your creative juices to ooze sweetness and candy along with beautiful photographs that make your audience want to sign up for their own boxes – immediately!We love Instagrammers and the beautiful stories that they can tell there and we would like you to use that platform but we are looking for new customers with this campaign and IG sometimes makes the connection between your photos and our website a little disconnected, so we would like you to propose how you will use your other channels in conjunction with IG.

If you have experience working with a brand and helping them increase sales, include those details in your proposal too! We would love to see that! If you don’t have experience here, that doesn’t exclude you – just as creative as possible in detailing the story you will create for our brand!

 Get Started!

Have a great idea for a story to pitch to Candy Club?
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