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Pollen-8 recommends to all Influencers receiving free products for review from our Brands that they include advertising disclosures per these guidelines: FTC Online Advertising Disclosure Guidelines and Additional FTC Online Advertising and Marketing Resources. If you are using the Pollen-8 network in a self-service format, you will be responsible for ensuring that all reviews include a disclosure. In all other cases, Pollen-8 will ensure a disclosure exists at the time of receipt.
As a matter of fact, yes. The FTC typically will go after the Brand, not the Influencer, in most circumstances, but the blogger is responsible for following these FTC guidelines. Click here for FTC Advertising Disclosure Guidelines and Additional FTC Online Advertising and Marketing Guidelines.
We understand that there are times when PayPal is not an option. If payment by check is preferable, contact us to make arrangements. Please note that checks must be received before the campaign can be published. Once payment has been received, Pollen-8 will confirm authorization to submit your campaign. You will simply select "Custom Plan" when you are ready. Total amount will show as $0.00 or free because payment was already received.
Your account will be charged when your campaign is submitted. Changes or cancellations may not be made within 24 hours of publication.
Yes, we have a number of discounts available, mostly for frequency. Custom packages may be created for a Brand having needs that fall outside the rate packages offered.
Through our secure site, we accept all methods of payment through PayPal.
We strongly believe in and respect the integrity of our reviewers. While some influencers may choose to inform you in advance of negative aspects of a review, they are not required to.
For the most part Pollen-8 influencers live in the U.S., though we do have some influencers in Canada. Be sure to check the influencer’s profile for their location or state your restriction in your influencer requirements.
Responses will be sent directly and immediately to your dashboard so you can view them in an organized way, as often as you'd like. You will also be alerted via email.
No. Compensation arrangements may vary based on the value of the Influencer. If compensation is mentioned in the campaign, whether it is product or financial, the Brand is responsible for negotiating that with the Influencer unless the campaign is fully managed by the Pollen-8 services team or an agency.
That is entirely up to the Brand and often times will depend on the product. We can fully integrate with most affiliate tracking platforms as well for your convenience.
Pollen-8 influencers are excited about reviewing products and your product must be interesting to them. You may decide to send product to those outside of your ideal reviewer or you can use our custom email format to further promote your product through product discounts.
Pollen-8 is open to all types of influencers . Influencers with a strong social media following may be very valuable.
That’s entirely up to you unless you have selected a plan that limits the number of reviews you will receive.
It is very important that you select through our system. Influencers will not be able to post their review information through Pollen-8 if that step is not completed and you may not know if your product or service has been reviewed.
You get several options from which to gently let the influencer down including a choice for you to write a custom email notification.
It’s always possible that you don’t come to a mutual arrangement with a selected influencer. You might want to keep a few as a B list.
Once you select your influencers you should communicate with them from your email to theirs.
Pollen-8 influencers are enthusiastic, but response can depend on the type of product and the specificity of the influencer requirements.
You’ll want to leave a few days to select and connect with influencers, mail samples (if applicable) and leave some time for your influencers to try out your product and write a review. It’s important to note influencers who miss your published deadline will not be able to post links through our site.
Customers wishing to terminate a multiple plan of three or more Pollen-8 campaigns that has been purchased can do so by contacting us in writing. Customers will be refunded a rate that matches best with the number of campaigns that have not yet been published.
Yes. You can make changes up until 24 hours before your campaign is scheduled. Please note, all campaign changes need to re-approved by Pollen-8. Once you are within the 24 hour time constraint, the edit field will disappear.
Brands are able to delete their listing through the dashboard.
As long as it is at least 24 hours before it is scheduled to go live, we are happy to reimburse you through PayPal. A small processing fee will be applied.
You can remove your listing through you dashboard.
Unless otherwise extemded, a standard listing runs and is emailed to our influencer network for three days.
Yes. People who have products are often bloggers too. Simply sign up as a member on both the Influencer and Brand forms.
We do not accept any products that would require the Influencer to show proof of age. In addition, because of the possibility of product sampling, we do not allow our Brands to request reviews on over-the-counter medication or prescription drugs.
Your campaign will reach social media influencers in a wide variety of outlets including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as product review bloggers. You also access to real-time data analysis through your personal dashboard.
Pollen-8 provides a fast, simple and inexpensive way for Brands to pitch a product to a wide audience of bloggers and social media Influencers.
Absolutely, influencers may use as many platforms as they like.
Unless otherwise stated by the Brand, that is up to the Influencer. If you are reviewing through social media, you may be providing a quick endorsement.
Unless otherwise stated by the Brand, that is up to the Influencer. If you are reviewing through social media, you may be providing a quick endorsement.
That is up to the Brand. You and the Brand will work directly to confirm the details of your arrangement prior to your review. If the campaign includes an affiliate component, you will be notified about that program during the signup process.
We understand that happens. Be honest about your experience with a product and be sure to be specific and give examples.
The Brand will provide you with a deadline. Please only respond to a campaign if you know you can meet the required deadline.
Simply complete the membership form. Be sure to use a valid personal email address. Brands are looking for people with influence regarding their product so provide as much information as you can.
Listings of the products available for review will be sent to Pollen-8 members each day.
Below, find three sample campaigns for your use in modeling your campaign. Brands will use their campaign to explain what the product is and why it is worthy of being considered for review. Be as general or as specific as your needs dictate.
Example #1
Campaign Tease: EverFast, a multi-platform mobile app focused on marathon runners, is planning to launch version 2.0 in October. Campaign Description: EverFast, known best as the foremost mobile app for marathon runners, is launching a new version in October. The version 2.0 will offer enhanced capabilities including stopwatch and access to results from over 100 marathons worldwide. Reviewer Qualifications: EverFast is looking for influencers who have run in at least one marathon or have an interest in following marathons. To be considered, influencers must currently use a smartphone. EverFast is looking for influencers who will write blog reviews or who will post a review on Facebook. EverFast will provide a free download, value $4.99 to accepted influencers.
Example #2
Campaign Tease: Try out my new line of handbags Campaign Description: I have created a new line to my handbag collection which is currently available only online.  Each bag, created individually, is a work of art. Reviewer Qualifications: I am looking for fifteen female bloggers ages 30+ who love artistically made accessories.  Ideally, bloggers after having seen and used the bag will vlog their reviews. Each accepted influencer will be shipped a handbag from my new line which they may keep. Value:  $350.00

Link to video 

Example #3
Campaign Tease: XYZ Cola is looking for 100 soda drinkers to try out an exciting new flavor. Campaign Description: XYZ Cola has developed a great new flavor marrying the best of its original cola with its natural orange soda, to create Burst. Burst comes in low calorie and caffeine-free versions, and will not be in stores until December. Reviewer Qualifications: The ideal influencers are bloggers (200+ followers) or are influential on Facebook with a minimum of 500 friends.  Influencers should be 18-45 years of age, male or female and drink soda.  Each of the 100 influencers will be sent samples of Burst in the version of their choice, plus a $50.00 XYZ Cola gift card.