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On December 11, 2017

Pollen-8 Announces New Robust Platform Taking Influencer Marketing to a Whole New Level

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Pollen-8 announces its new robust marketing platform, taking influencer marketing to a whole new level with access to 40,000+ digital media influencers with measureable reach of 822,102,521 people across the globe. The new Pollen-8 technology seamlessly helps advertisers search, engage and collaborate effectively with influencers who perfectly fit their brand, with verified reach to their target audiences. Pollen-8 insights track individual influencer performance and engagement across multiple social media channels providing best in class influencer campaign reporting across the industry.

“We have always stayed ahead of the service and technology needed to run a profitable customer acquisition program for our clients.  Today our announcement and advancement has just solidified our service and tech stack for clients. Influencer Marketing is now the leading-edge and most desired marketing channel by top CMOs and CEOs of the biggest brands on the Internet. Pollen-8 is uniquely positioned in the digital marketing space to manage more effective influencer marketing campaigns, gaining quicker access to the influencers with the most impactful reach to targeted social media channels.  In a nutshell, we can explode your Influencer Marketing campaign through superior technology, a professional management team, and tactics being used by the largest brands.  It’s an absolute win for our clients” says Matt Frary, Chief Influencer and Pollen-8 Partner.

According to Pollen-8 CEO, Beth Lazar, “The power of our platform provides unparalleled reporting, engagement and reach in the digital marketing space. This technology simplifies the management of influencer programs for our clients, while providing a network capable of servicing the best advertisers to attract relevant influencers.”

About Pollen-8: Pollen-8 is a SaaS platform built to simplify and streamline influencer marketing and management. With over three decades of software and digital marketing experience we provide a toolset that simplifies influencer acquisition for our clients, offering a network capable of servicing the best advertisers to attract top quality influencers to our network. While increasing revenue for an advertiser, we also offer a platform that can assist influencers with building interesting and authentic content to drive traffic to their own site or social media platform.

For more information about how Pollen-8 can help you manage an influencer program for your brand, contact us.


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