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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencers, especially those with a large reach on the internet, can help spread the word about your brand bringing you new customers. Using a combination of content marketing and social media marketing, influencers are a unique breed of bloggers or content writers who have the ability to share information and win over their followers to buy your product – or at least take a look at it so you can sell it. Authentic reviews of your product from a third party can make a strong impact on a consumer’s buying decision.

the elusive influencer

How do I find influencers?

If you are just getting started in influencer marketing or even if you are a major brand, finding the right influencers to promote your product can be a time consuming and frustrating process. Researching sites, finding contact information, requesting feedback on whether they may be interested in working with you are all part of the process which can be a huge resource drain. With our simplified influencer marketing platform, you simply create a campaign and we automatically send it out to network of active influencers. Interested participants come to you and we provide contact information if you choose to let them join your campaign. It’s that easy!

some liken it to herding cats

How can I manage my influencers?

For those of us in the know, the process and workflow behind influencer marketing is a long road to hoe. Influencer acquisition, negotiation, review product management, advertiser communication, deadline management, post tracking, ROI analysis – it can be complicated and messy – which is why our platform was designed for simplified influencer marketing. Built in acquisition, communication and workflow dashboards ease the entire process from beginning to end.

track and integrate

How do I measure my influencers?

Digital marketing depends on testing, measuring, and adjusting to get the best ROI. Once you have completed a campaign you will want to see your results. Our influencer marketing platform tracks and measures your ROI with detailed performance metrics. Do you already have a tracking platform in place? Pollen-8 integrates to all major marketing platforms





Our influencer marketing platform and network saves your team time by bringing the influencers that are interested in promoting your product directly to you. Simply submit a campaign and you are on your way to authentic influencer content to skyrocket your sales. For more information on our influencer network and automated tools, watch our video or give us a call today!